• About Us

    Welcome to l’altell bookshop’s web site. We want to make searching and shopping easier for you. 

    L’Altell opened in 1973and has grown and changed along with time. 

    Our interest in literature goes beyond selling books and it's the reason why we’re always organizing events to promote reading, such as presentations, literary gatherings, talks, readings, performances for young children, workshops with illustration artists… and, most of all, “pessics literaris” and “Narrator’s evening”. 

    In 2009 we made the great leap to our new premises on Canal Street. We started a new team, which I’m really proud of, at the Canal Street shop. We have improved our children’s section with the new team , which is very important to children’s education, not just for learning but, also to inspire creativity. Additionally, we have a wonderful selection of art and crafts books for children. 
    We are particularly proud to have among our primary goals, instilling in young people the enjoyment of reading. We seek out strategies to motivate children and teens to become readers, especially for those with little or no access to books. 
    We also read for adults who require a reader and ask for help, but also for those who don’t as well. We’ve improved some minor, but no less important sections of the bookshop. They include theatre, poetry, art, design, cooking; but best of all, we’ve improved the selection in our skills section: presentations, public readings, lectures, writing workshops. Let’s not forget our sections on gardening, new-born care, health and fitness… see for yourself. We even have an art gallery on the top floor of the bookshop. 

    We always welcome and are completely open to new suggestions for the bookshop.  Come and visit the bookshop, either through the real door or through our virtual doorway. 

    We look forward to your visit. Enjoy!     

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